A sci-fi drama set in the conflict zone between the traditional and the futuristic. A multimedia exploration of body autonomy and non-binary identity in a dystopian future Japan.

Written by Kanon Hewitt
Directed by Tricia Trinh
Featuring: Mason Temple, Brent Hirose, Rae Takei, and Laara Ong.

Presented as part of the 2018 rEvolver Festival. Read more about the festival here.



In 1942, over 8,000 Canadians were detained in barns at Hastings Park. This is a small part of their story.

Performed Sepetember 2017 & 2018 Site Specifically at Hastings Park in Vancouver, B.C.

Toured to various parts of B.C., as well as an October 2018 run at Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto, ON.

Developed by collaborators Yoshié Bancroft, Joanna Garfinkel, Sindy Angel, Daniel Deorksen, Brent Hirose, and Nicole Yukiko with contributions from Laura Fukumotot, Carolyn Nakagawa, Cecile Roslin and. Muish Sharma.

Check out the official Japanese Problem website here.



Performed January & February 2018 at Presentation House Theatre.

An International Collaboration between Presentation House Theatre and Marionetas de la Esquina (Mexico City). Sleeping Beauty Dreams re-imagines the famous princess as an overprotected daughter looking for a way to break free of her castle walls in order to search for true love and her true self.

Directed by Lourdes Pérez Gay & Kim Selody. Featuring: Randi Edmundson, Brent Hirose, Tim Gosley, Linda A. Carson and Shizuka Kai.

Links: Presentation House / MyVancity Review