Busy and Grateful

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened!

As I write this, it’s May 26th, and I’m a week away from heading off on my long awaited honeymoon. I’ve also been blessed with some really cool projects that I’m excited for everyone to check out. One of them has already begun: I’m delighted to be taking part in Upintheair Theatre’s rEvolver Festival, playing a role in Fireflies, a multimedia dystopian sci-fi drama. We had a great opening on Friday, with two final shows at the Cultch Greenhouse on May 29th and June 1st at 7:30pm. Hope to see you there!

After the Fireflies opening I got to participate in one of my favourite comedy shows in town, Weird Al Karaoke. It was a great show, featuring a killer line up of performers. It’s not done regularly, so if you ever see it on your Vancouver events listing, I highly suggest checking it out!

I’m also delighted to be wrapped on yet another audiobook with the fine folks at Digital Sound Magic. It was a great time working with their team and I can’t wait until my next project in the booth.

So, it will be a little while before I get back to Vancouver, but already there are exciting projects in the wings. Grateful for all the wonderful things I’ve got going on right now and planned for the near future, but even more excited to take a nice long (and I hope well deserved!) break.