Dog Days of Summer

And here comes another September!

It’s been a busy summer: Since my last post I’ve been to Japan on my honeymoon, and had the pleasure to work on a bunch of cool projects:

  • I went to Portland with Fistful of Kicks to perform as part of the Stumptown Improv Festival. The festival was tons of fun and they took great care of us. We were even reviewed as part of the festival, which you can read here!

  • Performed again with Fistful as part of Matty Vu’s great show Yellow Fever. So wonderful to see so many talented Asian performers and to be among them. Here’s Matty’s website for more information on him and his projects.

  • I read the worst book I’ve ever subjected myself for Sara Bynoe’s fantastic show Say Wha? The show has been on a long hiatus and I hope Sara sees fit to keep it around, as it’s always a good time and such a wonderful part of Vancouver’s comedy scene.

  • I was very grateful to be brought on board as a puppeteer for a workshop production of Carmen Aguirre’s Medea, presented by Rumble Theatre. It was my first time working with Rumble and hopefully not my last! Huge thanks to Shizuka Kai for bringing me on to play with her wonderful puppets.

  • I also took part in Tia Glenn-Cooke’s 10 Things I Blank About You improvised romantic comedy. What an absolute delight, and played in front of a sold out crowd! If that sounds like a good time, you’re in luck, as we’re bringing the show back one more time on September 22nd: Details here!

Pretty good for the dog days of summer! So, what’s coming up next?

In September, Fistful of Kicks and Shakespeare After Dark will be taking part in the Vancouver International Improv Festival. In October, I’ll be participating in a workshop for The Berlin Project with City Opera Vancouver. I’ve got an unannounced project looking to go up in December (not Christmas related!), the proper run of The Berlin Project in January , followed by the play Speaking in Toungues going up at Go Studios in Feb. I’ve also got my eyes on projects for March and April, so it’s shaping to be a busy 2020!